Network Level Training

Training at the network level focuses on the following main activities:

Scientific workshops: The four scientific workshops will all be 5 days and focus on one main scientific aspect of the KNEEMO work programme (epidemiology; biomechanics; computer modelling of knee joint structure and function; interventions), as well as on generic and transferable skills.

Summer SchoolThe Summer School will focus on generic and transferable skills training: grant and publication writing, presentation skills, innovation and enterprise, and dissemination and outreach. This 1-week Summer School will feature lectures by invited speakers who are experts in these fields, practical skills training and undertaking outreach activity.

The KNEEMO concluding conference will be the final network-level activity and be scheduled between month 44 and 48 to coincide with a major international conference in Europe in a relevant field of research. The KNEEMO Concluding Conference will be a 2-day International Satellite Symposium to this conference. The aim of the Concluding Conference will be to disseminate the findings from the KNEEMO work programme to a large and varied group of delegates.